Vietnam's narrow borders bulge against the ceaseless bustle of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, two modern metropolises tempered by colonial architecture and tree-lined boulevards. Tranquility rests by the crumbling temples, wood-paneled pagodas and verdant valleys of rural Vietnam; divers at Nha Trang plunge the... Read More

Vietnam Visa Information

Most tourist travel to Vietnam, must organize visa before departing your country of residence, you can arrange your visa up to six months before your scheduled arrival date into Vietnam. In addition, your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond your departure to Vietnam..

Vietnam issues 12-month, multiple-entry visas to American citizens

Vietnam Government approved the new law to issue 12-month, multiple-entry visas to American citizens who travel temporarily for business or tourism and it has officially entered into force recently. The new visa policy to American citizens is the reciprocal treatment compared with U.S. visa policy for citizens of Vietnam and the bilateral relations..

Ethnic minorities in Vietnam

Ethnic minorities make up approximately 8% of the total population. That is around 9 million people of the total population in Vietnam. Kinh (or Viet) residents constitute about 88% of the population and the remaining 4% of the other groups..

Top Reasons to Go to Vietnam

History: From Hue’s Imperial City to the Cu Chi tunnels, Vietnam’s past enthralls. Cuisine: Fresh herbs, fiery chilies, fragrant noodle dishes—pho is just the beginning. Postcard Views: Misty mountains, vibrant green rice paddies, and sapphire seascapes. Cool Cities: The buzzing streets of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi reward....

How to arrange a trip to Ha Giang

Ha Giang is said beautiful all seasons, I do not deny it, Ha Giang is famous for Dong Van rock plateau, Lung Cu flagpole, Ma Pi Leng pass, Vuong family palace...Ha Giang is still beautiful from season to season, still imposing despite the time. However, there are also some certain time periods, Ha Giang is nicer by the colors of the flowers: Tam Giac....

Vietnam Made Easy

Vietnamese people are very gracious, polite and generous and will make every effort to make guests feel comfortable. Do not be surprised if somebody you have just met and then invited you to go home to meet the family and friends. These are the experiences that will enrich your visit to Vietnam.

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