Myanmar, known as Burma or Suvanabhumi, is famous for tens of thousands of pagodas, and is recognized as the "Golden Land". Myanmar is rich with religious monuments, mysterious history, blue virgin beaches, hidden archaeological sites, and snow-capped mountains. It's is full of cultural resources and has a... Read More

Know Before You Go!

Get ready for a trip of a lifetime! Myanmar is a fascinating nation, and the following FAQs will provide travelers with more insight into preparation for and enjoyment of their journey to this Southeast Asian gem..

Entering Myanmar

The easiest points of entry into Myanmar are Yangon, Naypyitaw and Mandalay. Flights to and from Yangon are most frequent from Bangkok, but others come from Singapore, Kuala Lampur, Seoul, Taipei, Doha, Hong Kong, and several other ports around China. Major carriers to Myanmar are Myanmar Airways International, Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, Singapore....

Getting a VISA

Online application is available for tourist visas to Myanmar. 100 countries are eligible to apply online. In order to apply online, first check if you are eligible to do so (check here for the list of countries). Ensure your passport is valid for six months from the date of entry, have a payment method (Visa or Mastercard) handy and way to scan a....

5 Myanmar Must-Sees

Mingalabar is a word of welcome and a wish for good fortune. This single word signifies the inherent nature of the people of Myanmar, offering world-class hospitality and always wishing others well. Traditions deeply rooted in the loving-kindness philosophy of Buddhism, the creed the Myanmar lives by is cedana, or heart-felt goodwill towards friends and....

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