Luang Prabang experiences

30 August, 2016 / By

Vu Ha Kim Vy explores Luang Prabang, a small city in Laos surrounded by rivers and forested mountains, to find out what is hidden inside

Siem Reap in 25 Experiences: What to Do, See and Eat

29 August, 2016 / By

From magnificent, gigantic Angkor Complex to effervescent streets, exciting markets and inspiring art & craft centers, this northwestern province is the most must-see attraction in Cambodia . Come for adorable monuments, stay for...Read more


19 August, 2016 / By

Travelling with children can be an incredible experience both for family togetherness and growth of the children, however, parents know that sometimes just getting out the door can be a chore on its own. We have created what we hope is a...Read more

Bai Xep ranked among Top 16 Asian pristine but incredible destinations

19 August, 2016 / By

The US-based news website Business Insider has recently released the list of “16 incredible destinations in Asia that tourists don’t know about yet”. Bai Xep, the remote fishing village lying in the central of Vietnam, took...Read more

Hanoi Tours

01 August, 2016 / By

Discover the chaotic charm of our Tours in Hanoi when you visit South East Asia Read more

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Cambodia

01 July, 2016 / By

Cambodia is slowly recovering from the horrors of the Khmer Rouge’s reign of terror. Major problems still exist: land mines, poverty and a devastated infrastructure. But the reconstruction and healing process is now well under way and...Read more

First Pan Pacific Hotel in Vietnam to Open in October 2016

26June, 2016 / By

Pan Pacific Hotels Group (PPHG) will launch its Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts brand in Vietnam in the fourth quarter of this year with the introduction of Pan Pacific Hanoi in the capital city. Read more

12 Practical Tips for Visiting Angkor

26June, 2016 / By

The Best Ways to Navigate Angkor with Your Family Angkor is one of the most significant archaeological parks in South East Asia that spans across a massive 400 km2.  Angkor Wat is but one temple of many in this massive UNESCO heritage...Read more

The many shades of Nha Trang

10June, 2016 / By

Nha Trang is constantly changing, yet remains as charming as ever. High-rises, high-speed vehicles, night clubs and fashionable wear should never change the goodness human nature, which is just a part of Mother Nature itself. Nha Trang is...Read more

Very good source on Hue cuisine

10June, 2016 / By

In culinary terms all Vietnam may be said to be like Julius Caesar’s Gaul, ‘tres partibus divisa est’ (divided into three parts). The food of the North is heavily influenced by that of Southern China. It is saltier than the rest...Read more

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